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What insurance do I need when I buy a home?

You’ve done the big, exciting, thing – you bought a house! Welcome to adulthood, officially! Now the celebrating’s over, it’s time to start thinking about the important adult things – like insurance. Yes, less exciting, but still important. Because your home is probably the most expensive thing you own, so you’ll want to protect it should anything bad happen, right?

In this blog we’ll be covering all the most important insurance products you might want to consider.

Homebuyers insurance

Homebuyers insurance is a policy that covers you against any financial loss if your home buying process falls through. If you have mates who’ve been through the home buying process, you’ll know how easy it is for the process to fall apart at the drop of a hat!

Buying a home is stressful enough without the financial worry of your purchase falling through. If you have homebuyers insurance this means that, should your purchase fall through, you’d be covered for things such as legal fees, surveys, and mortgage fees that you’ve already paid.

Buildings and contents insurance

Buildings and contents insurance is essential to have just in case your home is damaged or destroyed. You can often choose to have them either as a joint policy or as two separate ones.

No one likes to think about their house setting on fire, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone (yes we’re looking at you with the candle obsession). So should there be a flood, fire, or any other accidental damage to your home, the buildings insurance would cover the cost of repair or rebuild, while the contents insurance would cover the cost of replacing any of your possessions that have been damaged - although it may be difficult to replace that wall hanging you got while travelling Bali to find yourself!

Life insurance

It’s a bit of a gloomy topic (sorry no #postivevibesonly here), but life insurance is a policy to protect your family or loved ones should you die before your mortgage is fully repaid. Because remember, you don’t fully own the home, the bank or lender owns some of it, and if you pass away they could reposes the home if the mortgage repayments can’t be made - leaving your loved ones in a tricky situation!

Nobody is invincible right? So it’s important to have a life insurance policy in place to ensure your debts aren’t left to your family to pay off. The level of cover you choose should typically match your mortgage amount.

Income protection insurance

Imagine if you couldn’t work because of an illness or injury, how would you meet your monthly mortgage payments? Income protection insurance can help!

Income protection is a financial product that replaces your income if you’re unable to work because of an illness or injury. You might tell yourself that you could just take sick leave from work if you needed to – but some companies only pay sick pay for a few weeks. And with more and more Squigglers loving that freelance lifestyle (who doesn’t love setting their own working hours?!), your income could be dependent on how much you can work. And if you can’t work, you can’t earn.

If you’d like to know more about income protection insurance head over to our help section.

So, what now?

You can find out more, and buy, homebuyers and buildings and contents insurance by giving the products a quick Google. For life or income protection help you can speak with Caspian Insurance, our financial advice partner, for free support, on 0800 015 1342, or get your personalised income protection quote by clicking below.


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