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Tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution with your money

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Have a New Year’s resolution to save more money, but not sure if you’ll stay on track to achieve it? We’ve all been there: here are a few tips and mottos to help you be better with your money and hit your savings goal in 2022.

Welcome to 2022!

We know the last two years have been difficult (difficult being an understatement of course), and as we all love to say – it’s been an unpredictable time.

We can’t predict what 2022 is going to be like (even though we’re already in February now), but one thing we do know that comes with a new year are New Year’s resolutions – but there’s a running joke that comes with this tradition: are you going to stick to it?

The numbers tell us it’s good news: according to YouGov, 75% of Brits who made a resolution in 2021 have said they’ve stuck to at least some or all of them. And for 2022, according to Finder, the Squiggler generation are most popular – 87% of Gen Z’ers and 78% of Millennials said they would set resolutions this year (who’s contributing now Boomers!?).

One of the most popular resolutions made (39% from YouGov) was to try and put more money into their savings in 2022 – and that’s kind of where Flat 15 comes in. We’re not finance experts, but we’ve got some tips and mottos each of us are going to live by to be better with our money!

Set a clear goal

A question we’ve asked ourselves when we set our 2022 savings goal was what are we saving for? Without a clear goal in mind, it’s hard to keep your eye on the prize.

Whether your goal is to save for a house deposit like Anna, or go travelling like me (Ziggy), pay off your credit card debt like Jo or buy a car like Zayne, you’re working towards a clear number – and that helps you focus your efforts towards your reward! Although I still don’t understand why Zayne wants to buy a car in London?!

Make a money plan

Now that you’ve got your reward in mind, how do you reach it? Is there anything in your lifestyle that you can change that would help?

You could cut down on your daily latte (let’s face it, caffeine isn’t good for you – it’s 2022, we can admit that). Or you could set up a direct debit for your savings account so you guarantee that you set money aside regularly (before it goes on a “quick pint after work” with your mates). Here’s another blog you might find useful about how you can hit your savings goals.

Correct your past mistakes

It’s easy to slip into old habits – be honest with yourself and look at why your past self didn’t hit their savings goal, and correct those mistakes.

Maybe you thought that Patagonia backpack you bought for travelling would be so useful, but you haven’t picked that up since you bought it (2020 or otherwise). Or maybe you didn’t shop around enough before investing your money – we’ve all been there! And we live and we learn.

Partner up

With your friend – not dating apps (also, no one told me dates were hella expensive?!).

Telling someone what your goal is and how you plan to achieve it kind of makes you accountable to them – and more accountable to yourself. So maybe when you’re out hitting the charity shops with your mate, they’ll remind you of your goal – and you can do the same. Who knows, it might stir up some healthy competition too?!

Track your progress

It’s like when you’re waiting in line virtually for those gig tickets – the closer the little man is to the end, the more excited you get at the chance of getting your tickets!

Works the same way with money too – if you create some visual way to see how much progress you’re making, it’ll encourage you to keep going. And the closer you get, the more you might want to save to get your reward earlier! Here’s a useful blog on being smart with your money so you can reach your goal sooner.

And don’t forget to celebrate your little wins (not by spending the money). If you managed to save more than planned in a certain week or month, give yourself a pat on the back (no, don’t go to the Zara sale).

Trying again isn’t failure

If for some reason, you didn’t manage to save enough money in the timeframe you gave yourself: remember, it’s okay.

We all have setbacks, and things like YOLO and FOMO gets to everyone. January 1st isn’t the only day you’re allowed to make resolutions. Give yourself a break, reset, and rev up again: you’ll only go so far as you allow yourself, and that includes how much you can save.

It’s true that we’re limited by things like how much we earn, and how much things cost, but giving up doesn’t do anyone good. And sometimes, we fall into situations that can’t control.

It’s not nice to think about, but if you fell ill or were in an accident that meant you couldn’t work, you don’t want to dip into your hard-earned savings, right? That’s where income protection insurance could help: it basically replaces your income for as long as you need it, if you can’t work due to illness or accident.

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