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The IPTF and Ziggy's Money Moves

  1. Who is the IPTF, and what do they do?
    IPTF or Income Protection Task Force are a group of insurance industry experts who are on a mission to raise awareness of income protection insurance. Everyone here works in financial services – so it’s like having 24/7 access to financial experts you can really trust!

  2. Where do Ziggy and his flatmates come into this?
    Ziggy’s Money Moves was created by the IPTF to help more people get their income protected. Ziggy and his flatmates (Anna, Jo and Zayne) are fictional characters created by IPTF to make dry, financial content more fun, digestible and easy to understand (without all the nonsense jargon). Just a new perspective on an important topic!

  3. What kind of content can I expect from Ziggy?
    Ziggy covers all kinds of topics from buying your first home, starting a side hustle and getting the most from your savings!Anything finance-related - Ziggy’s got you covered. Check out our blogs for new content and follow us on Instagram @ziggysmoneymoves for more regular updates.

  4. Can I get involved (or move into Ziggy’s flat)?
    Ziggy’s flat is full at the moment, but we’ll let you know if someone moves out or a spare room becomes available (we’ll probably just get a sofa bed and call it an “open plan room”). But if there’s something money-specific you’d like to hear more about, drop us a DM or an email, or just fill out the form at the top!

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