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How to get a financial adviser

  1. What is a financial adviser?
    A financial adviser is a professional who helps you manage your finances. Just like an event planner plans events or an architect helps you plan your home, a financial adviser helps you plan your money so you can have a brighter financial future!


  2. Do I need a financial adviser? And would a financial adviser take me on as a client?
    When you hear “financial adviser”, you’re probably imagining a wealthy Boomer whose net worth ends in about six 0s. But a financial adviser could be useful for the younger generation too, even with a more humble bank account.

    Do you need one? Depends on you and what you’d like to do with your finances. If you’re thinking of buying a home, making big investments, or buying insurance, it might be a good idea to consider working with a financial adviser.


  3. How much does financial advice cost?
    Well, that depends on the adviser and the product they’re advising you on! Some of them charge for their services. But often for products like income protection insurance, many financial advisers provide their services to you for free and simply get paid commission from the insurer – they’ve got bills to pay too right?!  


  4. Can’t I just buy financial products online?
    Yes, of course you can! There are apps to help you invest and manage your investments, plan your savings, track them and more. And you often get free and paid versions (the good stuff is reserved for the paid of course).
    But a word of warning. Going digital means you often miss out on the personal touch of an actual human being giving you advice, and most financial apps just help you manage your money – you’re on your own with the advice bit!


  5. Where can I get a financial adviser?
    A quick Google search should help you find some financial advisers near you, their services and their reviews. Or word of mouth is good too – you could ask your friends and family for recommendations. But if you want a short-cut, look no further, because we work with Caspian Insurance - our trusted advice partner! They're absolute experts at insurance so can definitely help you out (for free!)

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