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Meet Flat 15

We’re squigglers. And our lives aren’t very straightforward.


The career ladder doesn’t go up anymore, it goes side to side. And the property ladder doesn’t really exist — we’re always moving around. There’s no certainty about our future. The possibilities are wide open. It’s a blessing and a curse. We’re totally free to do whatever we like — new job, new house, who knows?


But sometimes all the zigging and zagging can get a bit messy.


That’s why we’re looking for a bit of certainty. A way to know that no matter which direction we’re heading in, it’ll be a good one. No matter how we zig or zag, we’ll always have a safe place to land.


Currently working a 9-5 job as an Account Manager at a start-up, but it’s temporary (he's only been there 4 years) – it pays the bills and student loans.

Doesn’t waste money on a TV license (streaming is the new cable). Loves Kanye, swiping left on Bumble and travelling (not that he does it often, but plans to take a year off to travel… at some point).

With a Bachelor’s in Economics under Ziggy’s belt, he has an unusual obsession with finance (maybe because numbers don’t lie?). Believes that money does make the world go round, especially if you know how to guide it – can you tell Ziggy’s one of those that got a GCSE A in Maths?

Being logical, responsible and borderline perfectionist, he fits perfectly in the Squiggler financial world. So when you’re confused about money, he’s usually got an answer for it (even if he still owes his mum £450 for their MOT).



Working as a journalist at a digital magazine, but also a part-time student of gender studies at online university. Sometimes goes unseen for days when they’re working on a passion project, or aggressively cleaning the kitchen and lounge – there’s no in-between.

Spends too much on brunch, but considers it essential. Strong opinions about everything under the sun, but keeps an open mind. When inspiration hits, they will leave mid-conversation and start typing away on Google docs.

Might seem withdrawn when you first meet them, but is actually a massive softie on the inside – they watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as guilty pleasure. 


A freelance designer who’s currently saving up for a house deposit with her boyfriend of 3 years. She’s got the smallest (and cheapest) room in the flat, so there’s a bit of an overspill of her succulents in the lounge – and her conversations with them get more extensive by the day.

Vegan, but not overbearing (the perfect balance). Usually found cuddling up with her boyfriend in the lounge or at her sweet desktop setup (yup, she’s got the backlit keyboard).

Sweet, reliable and annoyingly optimistic – not a bad bone in her body (except for that weird thing she does with her elbow).



Currently working in a call centre, but dreams of being a film director. Most recent addition to the flat, and fits like a glove.

Struggles with a long-term health condition, which adds to his sarcasm and dark sense of humour. Cooks the best roast dinner, a Sunday ritual with no leftovers and a sink full of dishes for the rest of the flat to clean up.

He will binge-watch pretty much anything with you for hours on end – you’ll have to deal with his in-depth analysis after though (and never mention M Night Shyamalan in front of him, you’ve been warned).

The Force behind Ziggy's Money Moves

Ziggy and Flat 15 were created by the Income Protection Task Force, a group of insurance industry experts who are on a mission to help you look after your finances. Things aren’t always in our control, especially when it comes to money, but the IPTF wants to make sure that if or when things go sideways, insurance is there to offer a helping hand!

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