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Managing money can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially as a young person. And you’re not alone.


Anna, Jo and Zayne feel the same way. And they’ve got one thing holding them together – Ziggy, and his obsession with finance and money management.


Ziggy talks tips, advice, perspective and understanding on everything from getting on the housing ladder, smashing that next side hustle and making more from your savings.


So, got a question about finance? Check out Ziggy's blog!

How likely are you to lose your income?

Okay, we're obviously all here to get rich, amirite?!

But on our way to building the megabucks we should remember to protect what we've already got. Just imagine if an unexpected time out of work, and a loss of income, ate into all those hard-earned savings! Nightmare!

And guess what, sadly lots of people lose their income unexpectedly. Want to know your risk? Check out our handy tool....

Ziggy's Blogs

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